My Music

I love bringing all my emotions into my music. I bring up all that I'm feeling and let into flow into my songs. If I cry, I know I've achieved my goal.

All my music is built on my experiences; the breakups, the romances, the lost loves and the dreamy yearnings for what it was or what it could be.

As I've grown, so has my music. I've evolved into loving a great electric guitar riff and an awesome bass line to accompany my lyrics. Having more of a drive behind the words, while still staying true to the soulful meaning of the song.

I do cover songs, but mostly, I write original lyrics, chords, and melodies. When I cover a song, it has to be one that resonates with me, and I love to take it and make it my own version. The songs I choose are from artists I love, who inspire me in my own music.

Besides singing, I play piano, ukulele, and guitar. There's nothing I like more than sitting down at a baby grand piano and letting my emotions come through and creating a new song. That's where the magic happens.

We all change as we grow, and I intend to make my final destination be a sound that's distinguishable from every other artist out there with my music, my lyrics, and my voice.